Enrollment FAQ

Bryan City Schools

Frequently Asked Questions About Enrolling Your Child

What happens if I already registered my student and he/she later decides to do an Extra-Curricular?

For Sports: Notify the Athletic department by calling 419-633-6215.

For Activity/Club: Fill out the online form Extra-Curricular Activity or Club

When can I enroll my child in Bryan City Schools?
The Bryan City Schools District accepts new students throughout the school year. After you complete the enrollment form online, you will bring the required documents to our Administrative Office, located at 1350 Fountain Grove Drive, Bryan, Ohio. You will need to call and make an appointment with our Central Registrar. Appointments may be scheduled by calling 419-633- 6218.

What is the policy for open enrollment at Bryan City Schools?
The open enrollment period for the school district begins on May 1 st of each year and concludes on June 1st. Under unique circumstances, open enrollment may be approved outside of this time period. All applications require the approval of the Superintendent.  
Complete this 23-24 New Student form to apply for acceptance.

Do I pay school fees when I enroll my child?
You will pay fees at your child’s school, either on Registration Day in August or on the first day your child attends school.

When can my child begin attending their new school?
During the school year, we try to have new students begin school as soon as possible after registration is completed.

How do I get a class for my student?
You will need to make an appointment with your child's guidance counselor, who will meet with you and your child to schedule classes. The counselors will be back in their offices Early-August. You cannot meet with the counselor until your child’s enrollment has been completed with the central registrar. To schedule an appointment with a guidance counselor, call:
Rachal Mann – Preschool - 2nd Grade Bryan Elementary 419-633-6249
Sara Huard – 3rd - 5th Grade Bryan Elementary 419-633-6229
Courtney Ruffer – 6th - 8th Grade Bryan Middle School 419-633-6227
Garrett Gleckler – Freshman/Sophomore Bryan High School 419-633-6214
Kim Bassett – Junior/Senior Bryan High School 419-633-6213

How do I get my child's school records transferred to Bryan City Schools?
School districts cannot release official records directly to parents. A parent's signature is needed to release the records to a new district. When you register your child in Bryan City Schools, you will fill out a “Consent to Release Student Records” form. We will fax that form directly to your child's previous school.

How will I know which bus my child will be riding?
After you have completed the enrollment process with our central registrar, you may contact the Transportation Department at 419-636-0504 for information about your child’s bus schedule. The bus routes are usually finalized by mid-August.

How can I meet my child's new principal, teachers, and other staff?
Once the enrollment process is completed and enrollment has been approved, you may contact your child’s school to establish a time when you can meet building personnel. For returning students, Open House is scheduled at each building at the start of the school year. At Open House you can meet your child’s teacher and tour the school.

Bryan Elementary PK - 2nd       Amy Dominique, Principal                 419-636- 6931
Bryan Elementary 3rd - 5th       Kasey Thormeier, Principal               419-636- 6931
Middle School 6th - 8th               Brian Arnold, Principal                       419-636- 6766
High School 9th – 12th                Steve Alspaugh, Principal                  419-636- 4536