BCS Transportation Rules

  1. All changes MUST go through the Transportation Office from the CUSTODIAL PARENT/GUARDIAN of the student.

  2. Requests or notes to ride a bus to a location other than the assigned stop are NOT accepted and will be denied. Students may only ride to/from assigned bus stops. No exceptions!

  3. Students will have one primary location for pickup and drop off.

    • Parents may request an alternate site, however buses will not be re-routed.

  4. Requested Transportation changes will take effect as follows.

    • Two (2) day notice (48 hours) for locations that are not a current stop.

    • One (1) day notice (24 hours) for locations that are a current stop, including shuttles.

    • Absolutely no changes will be made the day of after 12pm (noon).

  5. With the exception of after school sports and delay days, students who do not utilize bus transportation monthly, may be deleted from the bus route without notice. 

  6. Students THIRD grade and below require a visual indicating someone on your student's contact list is at the bus stop for drop off, unless otherwise authorized by you to the Transportation Department

    • *Note: No visual is required if there is an older sibling present in grades 4-12. 

    • Your student will be taken back to the elementary office if an approved adult from the contact list is not present or visible to the bus driver.

    • Bus privileges will be suspended for each occurrence that your student does not have an approved adult present or visible to the driver at the bus stop. You will receive a letter with details when you pick your student up from the elementary office. 

    • No Visual Suspensions apply to the entire household.

  7. Students may carry on the bus only objects that can be held in their laps. 

    • OAC: 3301-83-08(C)(12) 

    • This includes large band instruments. Parents/guardians must make other arrangements to transport large instruments that cannot be held in the student's lap.

  8. Students will be quiet at Railroad Crossings when directed to do so by the bus driver.

    • OAC: 3301-83-12(B)(3)

  9. Drivers will only use their horn when backing or if there is a danger present while loading or unloading students.

  10. The State of Ohio requires students to be at their Place of Safety prior to the bus arriving.

    • ORC: 3301-83-08(C)(1) 

    • Please arrive 5 minutes before the scheduled stop time. 

    • Students wait for the bus. The bus does not wait for students. 

  11. Pupils may be required to walk up to one-half mile to a designated group bus stop.

    • OAC: 3301-83-13(B)(1) 

  12. Bus Code of Conduct:  BCS Board Policy: 5610.04

  13. Students will follow posted bus rules. BCS SCHOOL BUS RULES

    • Disciplinary Actions for Violation of Bus Rules may result in loss of transportation privileges

  14. BCS Student Handbook 2022-2023

  • Please know that student bus stop pick-up and drop-off times are approximate.

  • Do not drop off students in the MS/HS Event Entrance Parking lot between 7:30 AM and 7:55 AM, Buses ONLY.

  • Open Enrolled students do not qualify for BCS transportation.

  • Initial bus requests are submitted through online registration - no paper forms.

  • Students who utilize 2 different buses, (ex: one week to mom’s/one week to dad’s, etc.), please email [email protected] to set up an initial schedule after registration. Once bussing is assigned, schedule changes/updates should be communicated to the teacher for elementary students.