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2019 Girls Soccer

Girls Soccer

Bath District Semifinal Game Report

Bath vs. Bryan
Final score: Bath 2-1 Bryan

An unfortunate way to end the season but a solid performance in our last game this year.  The girls battled hard and never gave up.  After going down 1-0 in the first half, the girls started strong in the second half, creating majority of the scoring opportunities.  They finally broke through on a corner kick from #3 Alissa DeWitt to #6 Delilah Taylor, her 12th goal this season.  The momentum of the game shifted into our favor but unfortunately we weren’t able to capitalize on it.  As the second half drew on, play evened out again and with three minutes left, Bath was able to score their game winner.  Despite the two goals, #0 Meg Voigt had another eight saves putting her total for the season to 128.  Overall, it was a solid performance from the whole team and I am incredibly proud of all of them.  Looking forward to more next season.

Elida vs. Bryan
Final score: Elida 0-1 Bryan

Another tough test for the girls today but they were resilient throughout the game. It was a physical stalemate with both teams creating chances but unable to convert. Our defense held strong throughout the game ultimately keeping us in it ‘til the end. #0 Meg Voigt had 10 saves alone with her defense preventing even more opportunities. Regulation ended 0-0 and our fitness helped carry us to the end. Six minutes into the first overtime period, our defense held strong, got the ball up the field and #6 Delilah Taylor took it upon herself to score the game winner.
Congratulations Bears!!

Girl Soccer fell to Swanton 2-0
#0 Meg Voigt recorded 14 saves.

Girls Soccer
Bryan vs. Defiance
Final score: Bryan 0-1 Defiance

Early Saturday mornings are always tough and that proved the case today. The girls played pretty well in the first half controlling possession and creating a few chances but unable to put any away. Unfortunately, we gave them the lead off an own goal with five minutes left in the first half. We took a while to bounce back from that but later in the second half we started to create more chances again. Our best opportunity to score was on a penalty kick we were awarded in the second half. However, the Defiance keeper made a great save and kept us from scoring today. #0 Meg Voigt had six saves and #20 Maya Keil had one.

Girls Soccer
Maumee vs. Bryan
2, 40 minute halves
Final score: Maumee 0-1 Bryan
Another hard fought win tonight for the girls. After the first five minutes, the girls really settled in and played their game. It was a very physical and chippy game from the beginning but the girls played through it. We had a few chances in the first half but it remained 0-0 at the break. We continued to play well in the second half despite the chaos that ensued. It started
with #6 Delilah Taylor playing a ball through to #13 Ali DuBois who out hustled everyone and put it past the keeper. Next, with one Maumee player already in the book, #12 Allie Zimmerman picked up her first yellow of the season. The game continued to get more physical and unfortunately it got to us, and Maumee. #2 Ella Miller and a Maumee defender were both red
carded after a hard tackle and some retaliation. Despite all of that, #0 Meg Voigt had three saves and the girls stayed strong to the end.

Girls Soccer
Evergreen vs. Bryan

Final score: Evergreen 1-2 Bryan

The girls kept it interesting tonight. The game started slow and stayed that way for all of the first half with a 0-0 score at halftime. We started the second half much better and really started to possess the ball well. That said, a lapse in our defense led to Evergreen’s only goal. It took some time for us to recover from that goal but #13 Ali DuBois battled through the defense on a long ball and snuck it past the keeper to tie the game. The girls used that as fuel to continue pushing forward and #6 Delilah Taylor was able to score the winning goal with about three minutes left. #0 Meg Voigt had four more saves tonight. It wasn’t a pretty game but it was a win nonetheless and the girls never game up.

Bowling Green vs. Bryan
Final score: Bowling Green 2-1 Bryan

We started slow and unfortunately we weren’t able to really turn things around. BG found the back of the net about halfway through the first half and maintained the lead going into halftime. The second half was better for us but ultimately not enough. #6 Delilah Taylor tied the game 1-1 but
BG was able to regain the lead with about 15 minutes left in the game. #0 Meg Voigt had 10 saves. It’s a tough loss but we have to move on and bounce back next week.

Bryan vs. Liberty Center 2
Final score: Bryan 1-0 Liberty Center

It was a great win for us on senior night and a great night for the seniors to remember. That said, it was a tough game. We went ahead early in the game scoring in the first three minutes. #13 Ali DuBois found herself on a breakaway and slotted it past the keeper. It was a great way to start the game for us and ultimately the deciding factor. Liberty Center was a tough team that played hard and physical and controlled most of the game. That said, we took advantage of our opportunities. It wasn’t our greatest performance in our last five games but we kept the streak alive nonetheless. #0 Meg Voigt kept another clean sheet with 12 saves and ultimately helped us maintain the lead and victory.

Napoleon vs. Bryan
Final score: Napoleon 1-2 Bryan

The girls had another great showing tonight against Napoleon. It was a very back and
forth game from the beginning with both teams battling and creating chances. Thankfully around the 20 minute mark, #6 Delilah Taylor found the back of the net off a cross from #2 Ella Miller. We really started to play our game from then on, passing the ball well and creating a number of offensive opportunities. Napoleon was able to score before half to make it 1-1. We
came out strong in the second half and really controlled the game until our second goal. Taylor scored again from a corner kick by #3 Alissa DeWitt. Despite the lead, the last 10 minutes of the game were somewhat frantic as the girls battled to keep Napoleon out. Ultimately, we got the win and pushed our winning streak to four games. #0 Meg Voigt had five saves.

Continental vs. Bryan

Final score: Continental 0-6 Bryan

Another great win tonight, keeping our streak alive. The scoring opened up with a goal from #6 Delilah Taylor about 15 minutes into the first half. This was definitely our best start to a game all season and we continued to move forward throughout the game. Taylor finished another hatrick with two more goals in the second half along with goals from #19 Jess Mueller and #7 Lily Schlade. There was also an own goal by Continental. Taylor provided two assists to the other goals, along with assists from Mueller, #3 Alissa DeWitt, and #12 Allie Zimmerman.
#0 Meg Voigt had 5 saves today. This was another great team effort and the girls are really playing together well.

Bryan vs. Miller City 

Final score: Bryan 1-0 Miller City

A dominant performance from the girls today. We played well throughout the game maintaining most of the possession and limiting their scoring opportunities. Despite our 26 shots, we waited until the last minute of the game to find the winning goal. The goal came off a great combination between #6 Delilah Taylor and #12 Allie Zimmerman which put Allie inside the box with one defender to beat. She took a touch to the side and found the opposite corner.
Overall, it was a great team effort and everyone was involved in our attacking plays. #0 Meg Voigt had 2 saves. Solid two game win streak and we look to carry this on through the rest of the season.

Delta vs. Bryan
Final score: Delta 0-9 Bryan

The girls played well today and earned every goal they were able to put past Delta. Things started slow but we made the breakthrough with #8 Delilah Taylor putting in two goals before half. The girls continued to dominate possession throughout the second half and put away a multitude of goals from a number of players. Taylor finished her hat trick making it 3-0 early in the second half. #12 Allie Zimmerman got on the scoresheet shortly thereafter, followed by two goals from #21 Meg Voigt. The scoring continued with an own goal from Delta then two more goals from #14 Addie Arnold and #1 Audrey Zimmerman. 
We also had a number of assists today with #3 Alissa DeWitt providing three of six. The other three assists came from #17 Shallyn Miley, #6 Maci Tinkel, and #7 Lily Schlade. Defensively we shut them out completely and did not allow a single shot on goal. It was a great team win and the girls really found their stride today.

Bryan vs. Springfield
Final score: Bryan 0-0 Springfield

    The girls played much better today making simple passes and creating a lot of good chances in the first half.  The girls continued to work hard through the second half and maintained possession well but our fitness let us down towards the end.  We weren’t able to put that finishing touch on our attacking movements but overall, this was a much better game for us.  #0 Meg Voigt played well with 6 more saves.

Bryan vs. Lake
Final score: Bryan 0-5 Lake

The girls faced a great opponent tonight and unfortunately were outmatched throughout the game. Lake started with 2 early goals and never slowed down making it 4-0 at half. We were able to step it up a little bit in the second half but still unable to get one past Lake. #0 Meg Voigt recorded another 10 saves despite the lost.

Girls Soccer
TCC vs. Bryan
Final score: TCC 1-0 Bryan

The girls had another tough test with TCC. We played well in the first half, staying aggressive and creating a few opportunities. We out worked them through most of the game but ultimately our fitness let us down towards the end of the game. TCC was able to get their only goal off a shot that deflected past #0 Meg Voigt in the second half. Meg still made 5 saves on the day. We may be struggling to find our winning ways but I’m proud of the way the girls are playing and working hard for each other.

Bryan vs. Archbold
Final score: Bryan 1-1 Archbold

            It was another tough game for us against Archbold.  They started well and were able to move the ball around well to create their first goal halfway through the first half.  Our girls struggled to stay composed but we were able to pull it together in the second half.  After settled the game down and playing our game, we had a great spell of possession before #6 Delilah Taylor crossed it in for #13 Ali DuBois to finish and tie the game 1-1.  After that goal, we had the upper hand during the closing minutes of the second half but were unable to convert again.  This was a step in the right direction for us.

            #0 Meg Voigt recorded another 9 saves for us.

Bryan vs. Wauseon
Final score: Bryan 2-3 Wauseon
The girls started strong and were able to control the possession throughout the game.
However, Wauseon played a couple through balls halfway through the first half and went up 2-0.
We regrouped at half and came out strong again, keeping the ball in the attacking third for the first 20 minutes of the half. Our first goal came after #2 Ella Miller won a penalty inside the
box. #12 Allie Zimmerman tucked it away to make it 2-1. After a long spell of back and forth soccer, Wauseon was able to break forward and get a cross in to score their third. The girls
continued to play hard and #13 Ali DuBois efforts up top paid off. After pressuring a pass played back to the Wauseon keeper, Ali stepped in front of a clearance that deflected of her and into the goal. Despite maintaining most of the possession and having a number of opportunities to score, we were unable to put in any more. This was a very disappointing loss for us.
#0 Meg Voigt recorded 5 saves.

Bryan vs. Shawnee
Final score: Bryan 1-2 Shawnee

After a short weather delay, the girls played hard and battled a tough Shawnee team.  We scored early with another goal from #12 Allie Zimmerman, assisted by #6 Delilah Taylor.  After 1-0 at half, Shawnee battled back and was able to tie the game early in the second half and score a second towards the end of the game.  Despite the loss, I was pleased with the girls’ aggression and communication and looking forward to Thursday.  #0 Meg Voigt had another great game with 14 saves for us.

Bryan vs. Bryan Alumni
2, 40 minute halves, PK shootout
Final score: Bryan 3(2)-3(3) Bryan Alumni
The alumni started strong and went up 2-0 early in the first half. The girls were able to pull one back before letting another in at the end of the half making 3-1 at the start of the second. The girls had another great second half and were able to tie the game after a penalty was awarded to #12 Allie Zimmerman. The game ended 3-3 and we went to penalties to decide it. The alumni keeper made some good saves and helped them win the shootout 3-2. Our goals were scored by #6 Delilah Taylor and #12 Allie Zimmerman (2).

Evergreen vs. Bryan (scrimmage)
2, 40 minute halves
2, practice PK shootouts

Final score: Evergreen 1-2 Bryan

After a slow start to the game and a scoreless first half, our girls were able to pick up the pace and put in two goals in the second half.  The first goal was a long shot from 40 yards out by #12 Allie Zimmerman, assisted by #13 Ali DuBois.  Our second goal came from a cross on the right side of the field from #21 Meg Voigt to the back post where #3 Alissa DeWitt was able to put it in the net.  Meg also recorded 4 saves prior to playing on the field and #20 Maya Keil had 3 saves during the second half.  Evergreen’s lone goal came off a defensive mistake and an open shot from outside the penalty area.

Following the end of regulation, we lined up for two mock PK shootouts.  Meg Voigt went back in goal for us and helped us win both shootouts, 3-2 and 3-1.


Genoa Scrimmage Game Report

Genoa vs. Bryan

2, 40 minute halves

Final score: Genoa 3-0 Bryan

The girls played hard but were unable to finish their chances and could not stop Genoa’s offense on the wings.  Despite the loss, #0 Meg Voigt had 19 saves.


Napoleon Super Scrimmage Game Report

Game 1

Maumee vs. Bryan

1, 40 minute half

Final score: Maumee 0-3 Bryan

First goal scored by #19 Jess Mueller, assisted by #3 Alissa DeWitt.  Second goal scored by #13 Ali DuBois.  Third goal scored by #6 Delilah Taylor.  #0 Meg Voigt with 5 saves and #20 Maya Keil with 3 saves.

Game 2

Liberty Center vs. Bryan

1, 40 minute half

Final score: Libery Center 1-1 Bryan

Goal scored by #3 Alissa DeWitt, assisted by #19 Jess Mueller.  #20 Maya Keil with 5 saves.

Game 3

Ottawa Hills vs. Bryan

1, 40 minute half

Final Score: Ottawa Hills 1-0 Bryan

#20 Maya Keil with 7 saves.