Ask The Superintendent - Questions & Answers

Q: If we miss school because of snow days, do we have to go to school extra time in june?

A: The Bryan City Schools Board of Education will approve the make up plan for students for calamity days.  The Board will be discussing the student make up time and calendar revisions at the meeting on Monday, February 23.


Q: Is Mr. Arnold the principle?

A: Mr. Arnold is currently serving as both the Athletic Director for grades 7 to 12 and the Assistant Principal at the middle school.

Q: I asked this question before and I’ll ask it again, when will Mr. Will get an assistant band director? He is very good and we are fortunate to have him but he needs help. I know it’s not in the budget, well get rid of a football couch or a special ed. teacher. Music is a very important part of a child education. I’ve read reports (and I am sure you have also) students do better when they study music, but one person cannot educate 8 grades. I have heard that students, from schools we have performed at and even our own Bryan students making comments about the bands performances. Yes this is true! They try (the kids & Mr. Will) to do a good job, with what they have but this “not having it in the budget”, I do not believe it. How many special ed teacher, oh I mean “intervention specialist” are at Washington, Lincoln and the middle school? Please give Mr. Will the help and respect he deserves.

A: Bryan City Schools reviews and identifies staffing needs annually.  Staffing decisions are student focused.  BCS is committed to providing the best education possible, to impacting the greatest number of students, within the current budget allowances.  Each year there are a multitude of positions that are discussed and prioritized.  Unfortunately, due to budget constraints, BCS is not able to fill all of the positions that are needed.  This is something that the administration struggles to resolve.  BCS thanks you for your input and will add these comments to the annual review.

Q: Why don't we drug test in our sports?

A: Bryan City Schools currently do not perform any type of drug testing for students.  This is an issue that has been discussed and researched in previous years.  Given the recent forum on drug issues held in Williams County, this discussion has once again been elevated.   Information on this topic will be shared with Board members for discussion purposes.  Any advancement towards student drug testing would need to be initiated and approved by the Board of Education members.

(posted 12/2/14)

Q: Can anybody at any time use the Betts facility?

A: The Betts facility is maintained and operated by an independent Board of Directors.  The school district does not control the usage of this facility.

(posted 11/30/14)

Q: I just read the letter regarding Minimum Hours of Instruction versus Days from the ODE. It says it doesn't apply to districts who signed a Collective Bargaining Agreement prior to 7/1/2014. So does this apply to BCS or are we still on the Days? I assume this change has to do with Calamity Days, but it's not very clear how it applies.

A: Bryan City Schools are operating under the hours of instruction for the 2014-2015 school year.  However, as you stated, there are still some questions as to how this will impact the school year.  If there are adverse weather conditions, calamity delays and/or cancellations due to weather will still occur.  BCS will continue to monitor information from Columbus as it becomes available.

Q: Are students allowed to ask questions?

Yes, anyone may ask questions on this site.  Please keep in mind that questions are reviewed prior to be posted.  
(posted 9/17/14)
Q: Why isn't there athletic information and athletic forms available on the schools website for 7th and 8th grade sports?

A: If you click on the Bryan Middle School page, and then click on Bryan Athletics at the bottom of the page, you will be redirected to the BCS sponsored athletic site.
On the athletic website, the district forms are available, the calendar of events lists both junior high and high school activities.
(posted 8/5/14)