Ask The Superintendent - Questions & Answers

Q: I am a 18-year-old senior at BHS. I have been looking for the form for self-checkout. I have been unable to find it on the website. But whenever I ask a staff member, such as the counselor, teachers, and secretaries. I am referred to check the website. Can you please refer me to where i may find this form at?
A: Please stop back in the high school office and ask one of the secretaries to assist you.  Thank you for making BCS aware of this concern.
Q: Why does the band not play during halftime of basketball games and why are they not in Bryan apparel??
A: BCS pep band does its best to be at most of the home games for both boys and girls basketball. When there are conflicting events scheduled for the same dates, it is usually the pep band that concedes to the other events.  This happened most recently when the home game was the same date and the solo and ensemble contests and when the Little Cheer program highlighted half time.
As far as wearing the school colors, the pep band does not have a dress code for the games. The students are expected to follow the school dress code, and the majority try to coordinate with the student section themes for each game.  
Q: I was wondering what are BCS guidelines for national honor society? How does a student receive this honor?
A: The National Honor Society bylaws and constitution are posted on the school's website.  Click on High School, Forms and you should be able to view the entire list.
Students must be a junior, have attended BHS for at least one semester, and have a cumulative GPA of 3.50 to qualify.  There is a selection process that involves an application and character references.