Ask The Superintendent - Questions & Answers

Q: Is prom the same weekend as it was last year? It was on Mother's Day weekend. And being a mother I was wondering if prom could be rescheduled because we have family obligations on that weekend.

A: Prom is scheduled for May 10, 2014.  This is Mother’s Day weekend.  Unfortunately, this date is set a year in advance and cannot be changed for the 2014 school year.

(posted 12/4/13)

Q: When will we be able to see grades online?

A: Grades are available for students and parents at all times.  With the first quarter grading period ending today, the system may be unavailable for a short time as grades are finalized and saved.

If there are problems with your student or parent access, please contact the technology department by calling either 419-636-4536 or 419-636-6766

Q: After the Bryan Middle School was built, it was soon discovered that there were many problems caused by bad construction. This usually is caused by always awarding construction contracts to the low bidder. Are there going to be safeguards in place, if we are to build a new school, that the new building will not have a leaky roof, heating problems, etc., etc.? I would never build a new house by giving all the construction work to the low bidder. Is this going to be addressed? Thank you in advance for answering these questions.

A: Public entities, by law, must place any project that is valued at more than $25,000 out for bid.  During the bid process, anyone who meets the bid specifications has an opportunity to submit a bid and to be considered for the opportunity. 

This opportunity to build a new school and to renovate a current building is being co-financed by the State of Ohio.  Due to that partnership, this project would not only have oversight from the local Board, but also a construction manager approved by the State.  Other schools in the area have benefitted from having the State involvement and the construction manager to avoid some of the problems that you stated. 

(posted 10/27/13)


Q: I agree we need a new school. However, would this impact the terms of operation in regards to staff? Would this reduce the number of people required to supervise our children? How would operational costs be impacted?

A: Over the past five years, Bryan City Schools has maintained a balance between serving the needs of our students and being good stewards of our tax dollars.  As student enrollments have changed, or staff members have left the district, BCS has reviewed the needs and made reductions in our staffing to reflect those current levels.

Consolidating from five building locations to two buildings would provide an opportunity for these efficiencies to continue in the future.  Yes, in some areas, staffing would be reduced.  These reductions would lower the overall staffing costs and the operational budget for our district.  Consolidation of the buildings will allow BCS to operate more efficiently and save valuable tax dollars in the long term.

Q: I read in the paper where we would now like to go to a 2 story new building to save a green space footprint for future generations. The paper stated this would still be a 144,000 square foot building. My question is won't we be losing classroom space by doing this? We will be losing square footage for multiple stair cases and elevator shafts. Also, I have not seen and am wondering about the bus barn. Does this cost include building a new bus barn that we will move out to our new campus?

A: The school will not lose classroom space by building a two-story structure.  The classroom space requirements are driven by the total student enrollment in the building and the state formula.  Staircases and elevators are taken into consideration when using this formula.

The $32.7 million dollar local share does not include money for a bus barn at the new site.  This amount does include a new Grade 6 to 12 building and a complete renovation of the current middle school to house grades Preschool to 5. The state funding of $18.8 million dollars will assist in building these two educational structures.

posted 9/12/13