Special Education


Todd Fruth is the Special Education Director with an emphasize on grades 4-12.

Contact Todd Fruth at:    tfruth@bryanschools.net

Julie Taylor is the Supervisor of Special Education for grades PreK-3.  

Contact Julie Taylor at:    jtaylor@bryanschools.net

School Psychologists

Tim McQuade is a Licensed School Psychologist with the Bryan City Schools. 

Contact Tim McQuade at:   tmcquade@bryanschools.net

Dr. Laura Eckhardt is a licensed Clinical Psychologist with the Bryan City Schools.

Contact Dr. Laura Eckhardt at:  leckhardt@bryanschools.net

Related Service Personnel

Kim Miller is a licensed Occupational Therapist with Bryan City Schools.

Contact Kim Miller at:  kmiller@bryanschools.net

Christine Alt is a licensed Speech Pathologist with Bryan City Schools for grades PK-1.

Contact Christine Alt at: calt@bryanschools.net

Administrative Support

Pam Elting is the Special Education Administrative Assistant and Preschool Secretary.  

Contact Pam Elting at:  pelting@bryanschools.net